Shadow of War has been confirmed and the gameplay trailer released yesterday. Some questions were answered in said reveal, and here are a few big worries I had some relief on.

Before you read this, check out the gameplay trailer below:

Enemy Variations: 

Shadow of Mordor was a fun game and didn’t launch without it’s problems. The enemies were extremely repeatitive but the story was very fun. In Shadow of War, the variation seems to be much wider and the skill of defeating those enemies looks to be higher than the previous game. I got tired real quick of the same enemies throughout the play through and it eventually turned me off to the game.

Difficulty Level

After playing the Dark Souls series and learning about games which are difficult, I ache for something such as Dark Souls  The new Overlord battles in the Strongholds seems to be scratching that itch. The first game was extremely easy to a play which made the game dull after a certain point. I’m hoping for more of a boss fight rather than a battle against a large Urk.

Taking Over Strongholds 

Shadow of War seems to have a world that’s alive and breathing. Traveling to different parts of Mordor is going to be a blast. Not only to you gain experience points for taking over enemy Strongholds, but you gain an area for your Army to train, an area to gain followers, and new skills.

Nemesis System:

One highlight of the first game was the Nemesis System and how the game was different because of it. Now enemies and friendlies can be effected alike in Shadow of War. Watching a friendly who was killed in your Army being effected by your decision to let him die, that was awesome. It fuels a fire of hatred and makes the story much more engaging.

I can’t wait to see how this game differs from the first one and I’m pumped for it. Shadow of War launches on August 22nd.

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Check out Daniels Reaction video below: