Netflix is flooded with content, original and new content is being added every few weeks. With all this content in one place, how do you know which shows are great to watch? Since I work Tuesday-Saturday at my day job, I have Sundays and Mondays off. Typically, Mondays is the day I spend sitting on the couch watching my favorite Netflix show all day; binge watching it. I’ve compiled a list of the favorite shows I’ve watched a few times and hopefully you can experience them like I have.


This show follows a family named The Gallaghers. A dysfunctional, ridiculous, and seemingly unforgettable group of people. The main character named Frank, is the alcoholic father who believes he does nothing wrong. William H. Macy plays his role to perfection and pulls off the manipulative son-of-a-bitch that Frank is. Fiona is the oldest and while the show never really goes into what her official age is, she’s around 21 at the start of it. She dropped out of high school during her Senior year to take care of her siblings. There are very few shows I wish I could experience for the first time, this is one of those shows. It’s never predictable and it’s never what you think. The first 6 seasons are on Netflix, every season is 10-12 episodes and they’re about an hour long each.

Stranger Things:

When Stranger Things was announced I wasn’t sure what to think about it. It looked like The Goonies, meets ET, and they blended perfectly. The show starts out with a few kids playing Dungeons and Dragons in a basement. As Stranger Things continues, the show becomes darker and full of danger. Millie Bobby Brown plays the character ‘Eleven’ and it’s one of the best performances I’ve seen in a very long time. As stated above the show takes inspiration from The Goonies, ET, and even Stand By Me. Stranger Things jumps into the 80’s and keeps that feel throughout every episode. It takes references from other movies and keeps the intense mystery until the very end. The first season is on Netflix and the series is 8 episodes long with every episode being about an hour. Season two has been confirmed on Halloween 2017.


When DareDevil was announced I’ll be the first to admit I wasn’t even excited in the slightest. I found the Superhero craze to be annoying and dull. Long story short, I watched The Avengers on Netflix in 2013 and was instantly hooked; another reason for me to love Netflix. Honestly, this show wasn’t even on my radar until a friend posted it was live. He binged it in a day and a half and raved about it; so I gave it a shot. Boy would I have missed out by not watching it. After the first episode was a little slow, I almost turned it off but I’m so glad I continued. The show was brutal, dark, and exciting. Charlie Cox was incredible in his role as DareDevil. Besides what Charlie did, my favorite character was the villain played by Vincent D’onofrio. King Pin was one of the best performances by any villain in the MCU to this date. Every character had meaning in this show, which is what made it great. Not to mention during season two John Berthnal took on his role as The Punisher by the horns and nailed it, so good in fact, fans had an outcry for a show dedicated to The Punisher himself. Both seasons are available on Netflix currently, they’re both 13 episodes and about an hour long each.

The Office:

There are very few shows that I have watched more then two times; The Office I have watched over 10. I just finished my 12th time watching all nine seasons and it was just as good as the last time. I’m surprised Netflix hasn’t taken it down yet to be honest, then I remember everyone who watches this show falls in love with it. Ask anyone who “Michael Scott” is and they’ll at least be able to tell you what show he’s from. Then there’s Dwight Schrute, possibly one of the best characters in TV ever, along with Jim Halpert. Their story arch is some of the most funny dialogue in any show, or media for that matter. The show took a step back when Steve Carrell left, but towards the end it picked back up. My wife and I watch this show every night before bed because of the happy vibes it promotes. I can’t recommend this show enough. All 9 seasons are currently streaming on Netflix, they range from six episodes to in upwards of 20. All the episodes (except the last two) are 20-25 minutes, so it’s an easy show to binge.

I hope these are a few shows that you haven’t seen or maybe you have and you want to watch again.

What are some of your favorite shows to binge?