Square Enix and Marvel announced today a partnership which will bring multiple games set in the Avengers universe:


While I am one to be skeptical of new IP’s until seeing further information, I was instantly pumped for this game to release. There isn’t much information yet, so all we can do is speculate on what it will be and what we would like to see from it. I have a list of four things I’d like to see from the Square Enix/Marvel partnership.

1: Keep It Real

What makes the Marvel universe so fun is the emotions the characters portray; allowing the viewer to connect with the characters on an emotional level. Marvel is very good at story telling and they’re very good at designing character connections that we can relate to. Take Tony Stark and Steve Rodgers in Captain America: Civil War. While I wasn’t a fan of Zemo, the storyline between Tony and Steve was the highlight of the film. That connection is what kept me engaged with finishing the movie. Even in The Avengers movies we see the characters building morale and starting to become almost like soldiers or team players. Keeping those real connections between the characters will make this game grip you on an emotional level and provide a deeper connection to the game itself.

2: The Story Should Be Easy To Follow

Since The Avengers is now a huge brand in the Marvel Universe. Square Enix and Marvel shouldn’t have a problem with creating a story that’s engaging. Crystal Dynamics also developed both Tomb Raider games on the current consoles which had great stories. Those stories were easy to follow with characters I cared about. Seeing as how they are the team behind the development of this new game series, I don’t have a problem waiting any length of time needed for a great story. What is hard to do however, is create a story that’s engaging for adults, but easy for children to understand. Disney has done a fantastic job at getting adults and children into theater seats and keeping them there for the years to come.

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3: Get A Strong Antagonist

It’s absolutely no secret that I am a shameless Marvel Fan boy. l’m also an Xbox guy, mostly because my friends play on Xbox, but I finally picked up FFXV this last week and now I understand what everyone had said about the storytelling ability of Square Enix. What I was more impressed about was the villains and how much I respected them. I never quite got that with Marvel. I found the villains to be weak and lackluster; everyone besides Loki. Marvel has notoriously had super strong heroes but a group of villains which are just for the lack of a better term, a joke. I want a villain that I can respect. An antagonist that can strike fear into the hearts of those playing this game. Im hoping that Square Enix can finally kick Marvel into gear and they can make a villain that I care about, not just some dude who is a douchebag with powers.

4: Group Activities

What do I think will happen? Honestly, I have no idea. I’d like to play as multiple characters with the game, but I’m not sure if the game will be designed more as a single character play-through, or where you can switch between all the characters during the game. What would be cool is switching between every character and using their abilities throughout the game. It would be hugely disappointing if we could only play as a single character, but maybe that’s the best way to play it? Who knows? There isn’t a lot of information about this right now, but we can only speculate on what we would want.

In conclusion, I’m super pumped for this game and I can’t wait to see what these two story telling juggernauts can come up with.

What do you want from this game?