*Spoilers Ahead*

Last night Season 3 of the The Flash continued and it had some interesting plot points.

It picks up where Barry is waking up as himself and not The Flash dreaming of Iris dying in the previous episode. This is stressing himself out but he hasn’t told her yet, which was to be expected.

Kaitlyn is still struggling with her Meta-Human powers, could she become ‘Killer Frost?’ I’d like to think not, but who knows? Maybe she’ll go on a killing rampage, a very “Flashy” thing to do if you will.

Julius still remains in question to me. I’m not sure if I like him yet or not, but I find his character fun to watch unfold. I want to like him so much, but I just can’t do it yet.

Cisco is still awesome, he’s my favorite character in the DCEU to this day. His character progressively gets wiser every episode and his powers are growing stronger. Him and Barry travel to May 23rd 2017 in search for an event to change, a day Barry saw on a newspaper while he was in the future.

Wally is still learning about his powers and how to use them as Kid Flash during this season. In order to change the future, Barry is trying to change the headline from ‘The Flash Catches Plunder” to “Kid Flash Catches Plunder” in an attempt to save Iris from her death. The chase was fun and involved Plunder on his motorcycle and Kid Flash and Barry eventually catching up to him with spectators calling out “Kid Flash” over and over again. Wally is finally getting the recognition he wants.

What was interesting is Barry and Iris tell the group about her being killed by Savitar and they all react in different ways Doctor Wells is negative in a way that he doesn’t believe the future could change, but if he were to alter some, they would have to find a specific event to change rather than a whole situation. In another classic Cisco moment:

Watch your back McFly, get ready to get thrown back to the future.

Plunder was the next villain in this episode of The Flash, someone who oddly reminded me of Deadshot. While in the future he watches Iris die once again. They also see a group of things during the trip of what will happen to the city on this day. Changing the future, changes the lines on the newspaper, therefore saving Iris.

Overall, I enjoyed the episode and it answered some of the questions left behind by the mid season finale a few weeks ago. Plunder was a fun villain, but he wasn’t original; felt more like a DeadShot knock off. Kaitlyn Snow and her arc have almost come full circle as she’s struggling to find her way with her powers not able to controlled. Iris and Barry are settling down into their house, but their relationship takes  back seat to The Flash and his crime stoping abilities. Julius is becoming  bigger part of the story as he joins The Flash team and is dealing with his mind control episodes. It ended teasing someone hunting the new Dr. Wells as she’s says “you’re harboring a fugitive” to Cisco.

Overall, it’s a great episode and I wouldn’t miss it.