The next installment in the Mass Effect series hits the shelves on March 21st.

The first information along with a gameplay trailer finally hit youtube and we got our first look at what the game will be:

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What wasn’t doubted was the beauty of the world. The trailer does a good job at showing the wonderful world Bioware has created for Mass Effect: Andromeda. The worlds have always been big, but the beauty is second to none in this game. The trees look beautiful, the grass looks vibrant, and even the vehicles are worth taking a second look at.

The look of the weapons and how the feel seem to be on point. Bioware has been great at allowing each individual weapon in the previous Mass Effect games to feel different, something many games don’t have. Mass Effect: Andromeda seems to have huge worlds for us to explore and a large amount of enemies to defeat.

What the trailer doesn’t give us however, is anything about the storyline or even teasing who the main villain is. 

Saren was such a fantastic villain in the first Mass Effect, I don’t think any other antagonist will live up to him. The way the first game unfolded was sheer brilliance. It also didn’t explain anything about the plot, mostly just about the new features and about the world you can explore. Who are we fighting? And why are we fighting them? An explorer looking for a new home is pretty vague.

What has been confirmed however is the lack of a Season Pass Mass Effect: Andromeda will have. It’s surprising because EA has notoriously implemented a season pass for its larger games. (Dead Space Series, Battlefront, Battlefield). When asked about weather or not Mass Effect: Andromeda will have one, Aaron Flynn responded to a question on Twitter:


It’s not a huge surprise as the previous games have never adopted the Season Pass model, but this does not make it clear weather or not the DLC will be free or paid. Most of the DLC packs from the previous Mass Effect games have been regarded as some of the best ever made, but the multiplayer packs weren’t met with the same excitement.

Mass Effect: Andromeda has been a game fans have been wanting for quite some time, and after the ending debacle of Mass effect 3, one can hope Bioware has learned their lesson.

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