It’s no secret that I’m a Marvel fan. The movies Disney has made in the past decade has been incredible and the universe they have created is even more astonishing. But what about DC?

It was hard for me to watch something that was in the DC universe, mainly because I didn’t understand the characters nor knew who they were. I had heard of this show called Arrow and gave it a shot, then a few years later gave The Flash the same shot.

There’s a lot of debate on what is better, Marvel or DC? The Empire Strikes Back or A New Hope? The Dark Knight or The Dark Knight Rises?

With all this being said, which show did I prefer? *Spoiler Alert* If you are not caught up on both shows, do not read ahead. 

First lets talk about Arrow.

The Arrow on CW
The Arrow on CW

Oliver Queen was a fun character to me. I loved the Green Arrow and the brutality that came along with that name. The first season he was basically a serial killer for monsters and destroyed the lives of those seeking to ruin his city. The first season was a high point for me. Malcom Merlin was a great villain and one of the best in the DC universe (besides Heath Ledgers Joker of course). His manipulation skills and his motivations were very well thought out and the way he leveraged his ideals onto others was great to watch. He wouldn’t stop until The Undertaking was complete.

During the first season however someone caught my eye and not for a good reason. Laurel Lance, I literally quit watching the show three separate times because I couldn’t stand the actress playing her. Her body language which never made sense, and of course the cheesy deliveries of her lines; I couldn’t get past it. I went back a few times during the first season, but every time she showed her face, I was reminded why I never finished the show.

What I did enjoy however, was the way the first season ended. The demise of Myra Queen, how Malcom’s plan is found out, and of course the emotional killing of Tommy. Let’s not forget Roy and his role with Thea. Knowing what happened in the future seasons already, watching this show again has brought back the memories of the bad acting, but also the signs of the future that I never saw while watching it.

The second season picked up and I enjoyed it quite a lot compared to the first season. It starts out reminding us of the death of Tommy and the situation that Myra is in. Oliver comes back, correction is brought back by Felicity and Diggle when the city has gone to shit. The first 1/4 of the season got repetitive with the Queen court case and the awful acting, yet again, but Laurel Lance; still my host hated character in this show to this day. However bad Laurel Lance was, Slade Wilson made up for it. I do have to give credit to the writers of this show, the first two villains were incredible.

“Overall Arrow has some very high high’s and very low low’s, but tried its best to stay consistent.”

The third season however, I can’t say enough bad things about. I felt the show took two steps back and then took four more steps back after the mid season break. The villain was uninteresting, and the storyline was convoluted while being hard to follow. What was great however was seeing Sarah Lance come back into the show has a dominate force, then being killed off; again. The relationships that were being built would be strengthened through the entirety of season 3 and until season 4.

Season 4 with Damion Dark was interesting. I have watched it again and I’m still not sure how I felt about him. While Neil McDonough is a fantastic actor and his vigor for the role was very fun to see portrayed onto the screen. At times I felt he was overzealous and got too excited for his own good. With all that being said, it was still better than season 3.

Overall Arrow has some very high high’s and very low low’s, but tried its best to stay consistent.

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Now onto The Flash.

I was very reluctant to start this show, mainly due to my up and down experience with Arrow. I always much preferred Marvel movies over DC, but I decided to give this show a shot; I’m glad I did.

The Flash turned out to be a surprise that I never expected to love but did.

The Flash turned out to be a surprise that I never expected to love but did. The first season was so good that I had to keep watching. The way Dr. Wells turned out to be the villain and how his character was introduced. Grant Gustin who plays Barry Allen is the picture perfect person to play The Flash. He has great chemistry with all the cast, he has the body language of Barry, and the tenacity he has. The show’s strong point was always how you could jump right in and understand what was going on at any point. The way the story unfolded was easy to understand, and even easier to stay addicted to.

Despite not really liking the supporting actors in Arrow (besides Diggle), I was instantly in love with Cisco Ramon. My wife and I recently watched it, her fist time, and the first thing I told her was “We love Cisco. Cisco is good.” Carlos Valdes was my favorite. He had funny zingers that made sense that contributed to the story, he also had a way to bring humor into the worst of times during this show.

“Barry Allen was fun to watch progress as a character and seeing the relationships develop over the course of the show was one of my favorite parts of this incredible show.”

If the first season was good, the second was incredible. Zoom was a fantastic villain and having Jay being Zoom was just perfection. Barry Allen was fun to watch progress as a character and seeing the relationships develop over the course of the show was one of my favorite parts of this incredible show.

Then of course, the time travel. The moment Cisco knew Barry was in the same room as his mother was killed as an adult, my jaw hit the floor and a long “what?!” proceeded to leave my mouth. If I wasn’t hooked by then, I would be. Then seeing Detective West and Iris’s relationship progress and the great man Detective West was. You could tell Barry was loved.

My only gripe about this show was Dr. Wells starts whispering his lines which got extremely annoying, a small issue compared to what I had with Arrow. The crossovers shows were just as good and bringing the TV universe together was just a taste what was to come.

In Closing:

Overall it’s hard to choose a show from an objective point of view, so objectively I like The Flash more. Arrow is a little too messy for me for the afore mentioned issues: the hard to follow story, the terrible acting from the supporting actors and the ridiculously annoying cheesy lines. But The Flash was different. The story was intriguing, the characters I cared about, and most of all, the acting was worth sticking around. With all this being said, both shows are worth watching and I would recommend them to anyone who asks me, I just so happen to prefer The Flash over Arrow.