Severus Snape in Harry Potter
Severus Snape in Harry Potter

The first time I watched Harry Potter was after I was already an adult. I grew up in a household that was very conservative, so magic and wizards weren’t exactly encouraged. That being said, I feel in love with the world that HP had to offer. Immediately after watching the films I became enthralled with reading the books and absolutely loved them. With his death being a year old today I remember him for being what he will always be too me; Severus Snape.

Snape was always a  man who had a love-hate relationship with Harry, but what made him so great was how the story unfolded and you understood why Snape had to make those decisions. His character was so brave; literally killing the one man he loved the most. He protected Harry with all his heart, the love he had for that child was beyond what we can comprehend. Then even under the threat of a knife, he never gave up, he never surrendered (pun intended).

Not only was he lovable as Snape, but also as Alexander Dane in Galaxy Quest. He was the lovable, yet grumpy actor who was thrown into saving the planet after his TV show ends. He portrayed that “old man grumpy” role too perfection. Eventually he became a teddy bear, but he was still the perfect actor for the role.

My next memory of him was watching my first action film as a young boy; Die Hard. Hans Gruber was the man in my eyes. He was such a fun villain to watch develop. The ruthlessness that he encompassed, the great delivery of his lines, and of course he was in the best Christmas movie ever.

My last memory of him will always be one of the saddest. The day he passed away my wife and I watched one of our many Christmas movies, Love Actually. It’s a story of a few couples who fall madly in love around Christmas time. Watching the film reminding myself that he was gone from our lives was something that was more difficult then I’d like to admit. He played such a great role in that movie and one that I’ll always have fond memories of.

It’s hard to admit, but a tiny part of me died on this day a year ago. Today we not only remember him as the actor, but as the man that brought warmth to our hearts and souls. The man who helped a young boy defeat a dark wizard, the man who changed his life to save our planet, man who faced decisions in his marriage, and the villain who terrorized John McClain.

We love you Alan Rickman, you’ve left the planet, but you’re forever in our hearts.

Alan Rickman