Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is an incredibly good game, as I have previously stated here.  However, old-school Metal Gear fans didn’t enjoy the story as much as I did. The biggest reason is because Hideo Kojima, the man who wrote the story for most of the main MGS games, got into a big argument with Konami and was fired while he was in the middle of the writing process.

The game itself was meant to be similar to the new Hitman, an episodic game that would feature multiple chapters that would be launched one after the other, giving the game a lot of longevity. However, Konami could not do that as they only had one complete chapter and a bit of the second one. Instead they launched them together in the final, “finished” game. The current game ends on Mission 50, but most of the missions in Chapter 2 are more difficult versions of some of the ones in Chapter One, which makes mission 46 the actual last “new” mission. There were also plans for a missions 51, but all the evidence is a 15 minute cutscene with no actual gameplay.

“The question is: Will this ever happen?”

However, people searched in the game’s files for evidence for more content and what they found was really surprising. A title screen with “Chapter 3: Peace” was found, together with some details regarding how to get to a certain part of the game. These detailes contained an “Unknown Condition” and one that said that every active player connected to the internet on their server (that may mean console-wise or actually region-wise) needs to have no nukes developed in their personal FOBs. That makes sense, since the chapter itself is called “Peace,” which makes the theory itself be pretty plausible.

The question is: Will this ever happen? My answer is: Most definetly. If this theory is true, then there will surely be a time when Chapter 3: Peace will begin. I would appear that Konami wants to reward the people that will keep playing MGSV after a long time, long after the game started to die out. It was said that the PC version had a lot of content get cut out and that the console version has five more Gigabytes, which means that it may be possible that Chapter three may actually be a thing that could happen in the future.

What do you guys think? Do you think that there will be a Chapter 3 in MGSV: TPP or do you think that Konami just completely forgot about the game and these are just some made-up theories? Let me know in the comments below. That is it for me today. I’ll see you all next time on “John’s Talks”!