Cryteck Black Sea, one of the studios shut down in the recent folding of Crytek Studios, has formed its own independent studio: Black Sea Games

On the Companies website it stated they were formed in November 2016, which was before the December closing listed on the official press release by Crytek.

The site talks about their mission and what they want to do as a developer:

Black Sea Games Ltd. is an independent game development company based in Sofia, Bulgaria, founded in November 2016. Our mission is to create hard-core games that will entertain you over and over again. We believe the best gaming experiences are coming from challenging the players with meaningful choices, while giving them the freedom to create (and share) their own in-game stories. Whether it is a “sandbox” or an “open world”, these are just words. We would know we did our job right,  when you feel like: “Ah,… just one more hour”.

It also states they are working on something:

Of course, we are working on something! However, we need some more time before we are fully prepared to announce it loud. Use the menu above (Contacts),  subscribe to our newsletter, follow us on your favorite social network and stay tuned …

Ryse II Confirmed? Or fan made nonsense?

The game seems to be unannounced at this point, which brings me to my next point. I found this image on a Facebook group that I am in, while the source of the picture is still unknown and nothing has been confirmed, I still find it interesting. While this doesn’t confirm anything, we have an old Crytek developer that helped in the creation of Ryse: Son of Rome who has created a new independent studio a little after this picture was released; seems a little fishy too me. Could Ryse II be happening? Is this just some more fan made nonsense or bored editor creation like the Nintendo Switch debacle?

What makes this a little believable too me is all the games surrounding it have been confirmed, but we can only wait and see.

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