2016 has been a decent year for movies. War Dogs, Rogue One, Captain America: Civil War, Deadpool, and Batman VS. Superman. Some were met with critics raving about it, others were met with criticism a little more harsh. With 2017 currently here, what movies are worth looking out for during the year?

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2:

Guardians of the Galaxy was one of my favorite movies in 2014. The humor was on point, the way the movie developed with the characters was sheer perfection, and the way Rocket was created all tied into a fantastic film. The trailer for Vol. 2 released on 12/3/16 and the internet went nuts. Baby Groot stole the show with the “Yelling Adorably” meme on Facebook. ‘Star Lord’ (Chris Pratt) was nearly perfect for that role and I found him to be incredibly entertaining as well as the supporting cast. I’m pumped for this new movies and I can’t wait to see where Marvel takes this particular universe. With the second installment on it’s way, this has moved to the top of the anticipated movies for 2017 in my book.

Star Wars Episode VIII (Title Unannounced):

When Disney bought Lucasfilm for $2 billion, I knew Star Wars would finally be relevant again. The series had taken a back seat ever since the prequels had released in 1999 and some fans rejected them for their poor performances and editing. Then Episode VII: The Force Awakens released and I fell back in love with the series. Seeing how modern CGI could bring the universe to life and the chase in the Millennium Falcon got my blood pumping and I remember thinking “Now this is Star Wars!”  This movie will be even more emotional with the passing of Carrie Fischer at the end of 2016. Princess Leia will always have a place in my heart as the first one I cared about. According to an article by DigitalTrend, she finished all her scenes and will not need more shooting to be done for her role. SW EPVIII will be a very exciting movie to watch and I’ll be ready for it’s December 2017 release date.

Thor Ragnarok:

Thor has been a franchise in the Marvel Cinematic Universe that I’ve been very ‘meh’ on. The movies haven’t been great, but they haven’t been bad either. The first Thor was so fart he best of the two, and the second I didn’t care for much. But this movie I am excited for. A Teaser Trailer was released for the movie after Civil War with what Thor was doing during the events of that movie which was also a teaser for the new Ragnorok film.

Some footage was also released during SDCC which shows the main part of the storyline taking place off of earth. I’m very interested in knowing what the Infinity Stones are and gathering some more information on them. Thor: Ragnorok looks to be better than the previous film (let’s be honest, it wasn’t hard to do) and I’m pumped to see where this will take The Avengers to and how it affects the MCU as a whole.

Kong: Skull Island

Admittedly I was never interested in comic book movies too much, so I joined the MCU right after The Avengers released. What immediately caught my eye was Loki, more notable Tom Huddleston. He stood out the most to me during that film and I immediately watched Thor. However, I did watch Peter Jackson’s Kong nearly a decade ago and I enjoyed the movie, but I felt something was missing.

After learning Brie Larson was going to be in the film, and watching the trailer, I was pumped even more for the March Release date.

Wonder Woman:

It took me about six months to finally get around to watch Batman VS. Superman: Dawn of Justice and when I finally did, Wonder Woman was the highlight of the film for me. Gal took that role and ran with it. Up until now, I’ve only seen in her in the ‘Furious’ series and I felt she was great in her roles. With Chris Pine being a supporting actor in this movie, I’m pumped to see where this film will go and how it will effect the DCEU.