Netflix has become a big part of our lives. Our friends are constantly asking “have you seen [this show]? It’s on Netflix!” But with so much content on the streaming service, it’s hard to pick and choose which Movies/TV shows to watch.

Netflix has just recently within the last few years started making Original Content, some of which is worth watching multiple times. I want to point out the 6 Netflix Originals that are worth watching at least once, mind you, in no particular order.

6: Stranger Things 


Stranger Things mixes 1980’s references and games with modern CGI to bring a masterpiece that is entertaining to watch. The story is so intriguing, the characters are so easy to love, and the way the story unfolded.

If you haven’t seen this show, make sure this is the first one you watch.

5: House of Cards

Frank Underwood has become quite the topic of conversation from fans of this show. Kevin Spacey plays a man who was promised Secretary of State under the new regime of the President Elect. He soon learns that Politics don’t exclude anyone and he makes it his mission to take down the new regime from the inside out.

Underwood gets into bed with a few other people and learns how to manipulate them to get what he wants and won’t stop until he takes what he wants from who he wants it from.

4: DareDevil

Ever since the terrible Ben Afleck movie about this Marvel character tanked at the box office, fans haven’t had a justified series about this blind man. Alas, you can all relax now. DareDevil is not only one of the best shows on Netflix, it’s one of the best shows on the internet; period.

During the second season, John Berthnal joins the cast as Frank Castle AKA: The Punisher. The fans enjoyed the show so much that Netflix and Marvel partnered for a stand alone show specifically about Frank Castle and how he became known as ‘The Punisher.’

3: Jessica Jones

Up until this point, I had only known Krysten Ritter as Jesse’s drug addicted, recovering girlfriend in Breaking Bad ( which is another great show on Netflix). I enjoyed what I saw of her, but thought the casting was a little odd. Then I saw this trailer and my mind was changed forever:

This show is not for the faint of heart, it is brutally bloody during the closing episodes and a phycological thriller that will play with your mind. Once you get past the darkness, the show becomes very fun to watch. Every episode has something to add to the overall story, and if you’re  a comic book fan, this is a must watch.

2: The Killing

(I am cheating here a little, the first season was on AMC, but then Netflix picked up the last 3 seasons.)

This is another dark show that will get your mind going. The show starts out with a murder and the first two seasons are about how Detective Holder and Linden solve the case. Their relationship has ups and downs while revealing the backgrounds of these two.

This is another show that isn’t bright and sunshiny, but dark and gritty. The twists are great, and unexpected. The only downside to this show is once you watch it once, you already know the fantastic twists. The show will have some boring episodes towards the middle of the seasons, but the ending is where this show shines.

1: Orange is the New Black (OITNB)

OITNB takes place in a women’s prison and is inspired by the book of the same title. Piper Chapman is the main character who went on a binge with a drug runner and ended being names by her as an accomplice, thus telling her story about her stay in a woman prison.

The show suffers a little during the latter seasons from a little too much story telling, but the show has always been a great watch.

These 5 shows are worth watching at least one time, who knows, maybe you’ll end up enjoying them like I did.

What are your favorite Netflix Originals?